It is well known in modern physiology that in our human system large number of cells get formed continuously and equal number of cells get destroyed. Medical researchers have found that in about seven years almost all the cells in our body get replaced.

We are new person every seven years. Our entire life is governed by this processes of catabolism (destruction) and Anabolism (creation). let us designated the rate at which the cells get destroyed as C and rate at which the cells are constructed as A.

We can divide our entire life in three stages :
Stage 1 A >> C (‘A’ far more then ‘C’)
In childhood there are lot more cells being formed and therefore the growth is seen. This is represented below:
Anabolic and catabolic rates governing the life cycle
Childhood A >> C
Adulthood A ~ C
Old Age A << C
As we reach adult hood, they get balanced
Stage 2 : A ~ C ( ‘A’ approximately equals to ‘C’ ).
When we entered the old age more of decaying starts and
Stage 3 : A << C ( ‘A’ Far less then ‘C’ ) The dacay continues culminating in death.

Yoga – Way To Super Human
A combination of A and C is the metabolic rate.
This processes ( A and C ) are governed by the flow of Prana through Ida (A) Pingala (C) Nadis respectively.
It is also well known that sympathetic- parasympathetic balance called homeostasis is vital to promote positive well being. Normally, Sympathetic Nervous System ( SNS) is stimulating in character while parasympathetic Nervous System (PSNS) bring the system to Normalcy ( is soothening in character). even here, it looks that Ida and pingala play a key role in bringing in to action PSNS and SNS respectively.

There is misunderstanding among many people that Ida and Pingala nadis are nothing but PSNS and SNS. Such people even conjecture that Cakras are nothing but plexi at different levels of the spine, for them prana is nothing but oxygen, The breath!

The facts presented in yoga, is crystal clear that Nadi exist in pranamaya kosa and so do Cakras. They cannot Found in the physical body by dissection. Hence, SNS and PSNS are Physical manifests (Annamaya counterparts) of pingala and Ida Nadis is pranamaya kosa (vital body). And the flow of prana in these Nadis Governs and controls the basic functions of Anabolism, catabolism, nerve impulses through SNS and PSNS and therefore, is considered most important in the practice of pranayama.

The interesting aspect found by our seers is that the flow of prana through these Ida and pingala nadis is connected with the left and right nostrils breathing respectively. when the breath is balanced between to nostrils and slow down with awareness, the imbalance of prana

Yoga – Way To Super Human
vanish. The Pranic balance, thus, obtained in Pranamaya Kosa opens up Susumna Which is popularly Known as Kundalini Shakti. Such subtle Pranic movements will help manifest the dormant potentialities within us which are called supernatural powers.

Normal human being will then become a great man and a superman. At these Superhuman levels of manifestation of the prana As a bondage of body in the form of limitation of food and thirst is first overcome. The bondage of gravitation in next released. As the mind an emotion get purified on further Growth

To bring out this beautiful Balance, yoga our Ancient system Offers very simple practice of pranayama Which can be classed as Anuloma-viloma Pranayams.

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