Intentions Manifestation

Prashant helps to harness the power of full moon and help release any tension that you’ve stored over the month to energize the body and open yourself up to receive radiance and positivity helping to guide you into the coming month.

This is unique experience, participants will journey through different stages including dynamic breathing, cathartic expression, active mantra, silence and free movement.

Fire ceremony, Healing

CHANT it all

AYA’s Fire and full moon ceremony creates spiritual light, which manifests around the practitioner like a halo and it also helps us reach higher states of consciousness.

Vedic Ritual Services

  1. Name ceremony
  2. Vedic Horoscope creation, consultation
  3. Intntion Manifestation
  4. Peach / Energy Yajna (Fire Ceremony)
  5. Spiritual Wedding
  6. Health, Emotion and Spiritual Yajna
  7. As Per Personal need